Three Seasons Room Addition

Four Minus One? The Features and Benefits of a Three Season Addition

The Best of Both Worlds

Think of a three-season addition as the “best of both worlds”. The extra space you are looking for – without the price tag of a full room addition. As the name implies, a three-season room is designed for use in spring, summer, and fall when the temperatures are comfortable. A three-season room has electrical wiring and typically features an abundance of windows and frequently a patio/French door set to the outside. The biggest difference when compared to their four-season sibling: 3 season rooms are not heated or cooled. By forgoing the HVA/C connectivity homeowners enjoy a lower price tag and reduced construction time. If you don’t envision your family using your addition throughout the entire year, three seasons may be enough for you.


Features of a Three Seasons Room Addition

  • Frequently added to an existing deck or patio
  • Require few (if any) structural changes
  • Heated and cooled separately (if at all) from the home
  • Separated from the rest of the home with an exterior door


Benefits of a Three Seasons Room Addition

  • 3 season use
  • Access to the outdoors (when a door is included in the design)
  • Increased natural light, through windows and doors
  • Protection from insects
  • Increased property value


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