Roofing contractor Arlington Heights Shingles are perhaps the most overlooked and under-appreciated parts of a home's exterior. Siding and windows hog all of the glory, but without a decent roof overhead, the entire home would, quite literally, fall apart.


Roof protection starts with shingles. Shingles protect the home from rain, wind, sun, snow, and cold. They come in many more styles, colors, shapes, textures, designs, and materials, than you might expect.


As a roofing contractor in Arlington Heights, we handle many roof replacement jobs. In the vast majority of those cases homeowners replace their shingles with the exact same product they had before. This is practical and makes product selection easier, because they know that those particular shingles work with their home. However, it's also very limiting. Shingles have changed a lot over the years! You are doing your home a disservice by not fully exploring your shingle options.


Different Types Of Shingles


  • Asphalt/Asphalt Composite. By far the most common type of shingle used on homes today are asphalt shingles. These are the small squares that we see on over 80% of homes today. They are low-cost, yet effective. They are easy to replace if they blow off in the wind and are available in many colors, and thicknesses. They are made from organic paper fiber mat or fiberglass, then mixed with asphalt and coated with mineral granules to provide texture.
  • Metal. Metal roofs are available in shingle-look sections or in large sheets. They are extremely strong, durable, and fire-resistant. Metal roofs, especially standing seam roofs, provide exceptional wind and ice dam protection. They are more expensive than asphalt shingles, but also last longer and provide better protection. Metal roofing is made from steel, aluminum, copper, or zinc alloy.
  • Usually made of clay or concrete, these shingles are heavy, fragile, and may require special roof reinforcement to support the full weight of the tiles. However, they last a very, very long time and are fire-resistant.
  • Slate. Similar to tile, slate shingles are heavy and require reinforced roofing to support their weight. They are also brittle, expensive and require special expertise to install. However, their beauty, longevity, and eco-friendly composition more than make up for these drawbacks.
  • Wood. Yes, wooden shingles and shakes are still common. They are made of cedar or sometimes redwood and are usually left to weather to a natural silvery-grey. They have the shortest lifespan and require more maintenance compared to other types of shingles. Although they provide good wind resistance, they provide poor fire resistance.
  Choose Shingles For Your Home With Help From A Roofing Contractor In Arlington Heights  

Like we mentioned earlier in this post, there are so many shingle options to explore! The choice can truly be overwhelming, but there are ways to narrow it down to a manageable number. A roofing contractor in Arlington Heights can help with this. When choosing shingles for your home, you must consider more than just color. You'll also need to factor in:


  • The slope of your roof
  • The strength of your roof
  • The maintenance needs of the shingles
  • Your local building code requirements or restrictions
  • The cost of the shingles

Upon evaluation, your Erdmann Exterior Designs team member can advise you as to which products would suit your home's style, looks, and capabilities, as well as your budget. From there, we can help you choose a shingle product that will enhance your home's looks and provide protection from the worst of Chicago's weather.


When you're ready to replace your roof, or if you have more questions about shingles and roofing products, contact Erdmann Exterior Designs at 1-847-357-9607. We would be happy to answer your questions about shingles, show you the different products that are available.


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