Roofing contractors do much more than tear off shingles and lay down new ones. Their services go well beyond replacing roofs and their work starts long before the dumpster shows up in your driveway. Here's a look at what kinds of services you can expect from the top roofing contractor Barrington offers.

roofing contractor BarringtonRoofing Contractor Barrington: 5 Services You Can Expect
  1. Inspections. Inspections are a fundamental service of any roofing contractor in Barrington. They are the baseline information-gathering stage of the process where you will learn what's wrong with your roof, what can be done to repair it, and how much it's going to cost. Sometimes estimates are written up on-site; sometimes the contractor takes the measurements and product choices back to the office to write up a more thorough estimate. Both processes are fine. Estimates should include the price of labor and materials and any additional costs like permits or dumpster fees. The contractor should tell you if any of these costs are not included as part of their estimate and if you'll be responsible for them yourself.
  1. Repairs. Repairs are fundamental to keeping a roof in good shape and are therefore another fundamental service of a roofing contractor in Barrington. Even the most minor of shingle problems can turn into a major problem if not repaired. You may be pleasantly surprised to find out that your roof just needs a repair and not full replacement. Full replacement is everyone's fear, but roofs are tough and sometimes a few choice repairs are all that is needed to keep it going strong.
  2. Replacement. Probably the most well known of roofing services, a full roof replacement involves tearing off the existing shingles, preparing the structure underneath for new shingles and then installing the new shingles. A full roof replacement is a tough job and takes skill and experience to get it right. Water entry barriers must be included in a roof replacement. Care must be taken in areas where the roof meets an exterior wall, around chimneys and caps, and skylights to make sure water can't get in.
  1. Maintenance. Did you know you can call a roofing contractor for maintenance assistance? You don't have to climb up there to replace a few shingles here and three or to hammer down the ones that got loose in the last windstorm. A roofing contractor can handle even the most minor of maintenance needs. They have the skills and tools to do a more efficient job, plus a good contractor will guarantee their work.
  1. Advice And Product Information. The amount and type of roofing materials on the market today is simply overwhelming. Asphalt, wood shake, metal, slate, and tile are just a few examples; the choices go on and on. It is enough to make your head spin. But a roofing contractor can cut through the sales pitches and give you straight advice on material selection. There are many factors beyond color and price to consider when replacing a roof. The weight of the shingles, the maintenance needs of the material, and its longevity are just a few considerations that you should talk to a contractor about. They'll be able to tell you what will look good on your home, what is in your price range, and, most importantly, if your home can accommodate the material.
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