Wheaton Siding Contractors: 4 Common Siding Problems

As a team of trusted Wheaton siding contractors with over 20 years of experience in the area, we know that the forces of nature take a toll on your siding. Besides using quality siding materials and getting a professional team of contractors with a long labor guarantee and regular maintenance, there is not much you can do to ensure that you do not have any siding issues. The best preventative measure is to get regular maintenance and check for the most common siding problems, so that you can get any repairs done early on to prevent bigger damage. Our Wheaton siding contractors have compiled a list of the most common siding damage for you to be aware of.

Wheaton Siding Contractors Share the Most Common Siding Problems

Dry Rot

Our Wheaton siding contractors are all too familiar with the problem of dry rot in wooden siding. The problem originates from moisture accumulating in the siding boards, eventually creating a breeding ground for fungi that ultimately leads to wood deterioration. Since dry rot originates from the inside, it isn’t always obvious that your siding dry-rot-sidinghas been infected by it. To see if your home is harboring dry rot, tap the head of a screwdriver against the wooden boards. If the boards do have dry rot, they will crack or come apart under impact.

The best way to resolve any dry rot issues is to have your Wheaton siding contractors replace the siding. Because dry rot is a common issue that can easily reoccur to any siding, even newly installed siding, under moist or humid conditions, siding experts suggest replacing wood siding with fiber cement siding. This ensures that you will not have any rotting problems in the future. With quality siding from an experienced exterior remodeling company, you can expect easy maintenance and no more siding problems.


Homes with vinyl siding often show buckling as a sign of damage. While many factors contribute to buckling, the most notable are thermal expansion, poor installation of siding, and moisture absorption. In extreme cases, buckling can even stem from shrinkage in the home’s frame.

Vinyl siding can be individually replaced to fix buckling. However, doing them individually often isn’t enough if several of the boards havebuckling-siding-problems started to buckle, and doing so only stalls a complete replacement. Our Wheaton siding contractors recommend installing new siding, to get the job done right and avoid spending money on temporary fixes.


Fungi can make its way into your siding through dry rot or other weather-related reasons. Especially common in high humidity climates, siding is susceptible to mildew, mold, and algae growth. These issues are extremely common in vinyl siding that lacks the proper flashing. The presence of fungi has various outcomes. On the most superficial level, it is unattractive aesthetically. More seriously, fungus can be a sign of water damage or cause allergic reaction for individuals who are allergic to mold.

The common misconception is that a pressure washer can eliminate fungal growth on your siding. Actually, washers cannot reach the fungi growing under the boards, hence the problem persists. Ultimately, the best way to solve the problem of fungus is to get top-quality materials for siding that are resistant to humidity and fungal growth, combined with our Wheaton siding contractors to make sure flashing and other siding elements are properly installed.


Cracking is an all too common issue faced by Wheaton siding contractors like the ones at Erdmann Exteriors. Unlike some other problems with siding, cracking is visible to the naked eye, and often times looks unsightly. The main cause of cracking is thermal expansion and contraction, like what is often experienced during temperature swings in the Midwest. When this cycle goes on long enough, little fissures form in the boards. Importantly, these same cracks can also form as a result of faulty installation or constant exposure to the sun. In wood siding, cracking sometimes appears as a side effect of dry rot.

Issues of cracking are serious and need immediate attention. The siding must be replaced before more damage can occur, meaning more cracks and exposing your house to water damage. Protect your home and prevent even further damage by getting replacement siding.

Get the Job Done Right by Expert Wheaton Siding Contractors

Siding damage is a common problem that can be controlled and even eliminated with the right siding company. Stay vigilant for these wheaton-siding-contractorscommon siding issues to minimize damage and expenses. Consider fiber cement siding as a strong, durable, and cost-saving alternative that will enhance the beauty of your home while holding up to the elements. For more advice from Wheaton siding contractors, call the siding consultants at Erdmann Exteriors to diagnose your situation and give you a free in-home consultation.