new trimAs you explore your options for new siding, new windows, and other exterior updates for your home, you might not realize that the trim for the house and the window frames is an important part of the design process. When you update the color of the siding on a home, the first thing you'll notice is that color change, but if you look closer, there are other changes, too.

New Trim is a Subtle Yet Essential Update

Take this home we remodeled that went from a dated combination of dark brown siding and classic light red brick. To update the Arlington Heights house, we installed brand new James Hardie siding that took that tired brown and turned it into a vibrant blue. One of the key components of the transformation was the subtle white lines of the trim that lined the windows and the edges of each exterior wall.

Do you see it? It's a subtle change that creates a tidy exterior of clean lines and color. Many homeowners decide to pair new windows and new siding for a virtual top-to-bottom transformation, and it's often the trim that ties everything together from existing brick to the new siding and the new windows.

A Beautiful Façade With New Trim

If you've decided to upgrade your home's exterior with new James Hardie siding, one of the details you'll discuss with Erdmann Exteriors will be on trim color. White, cream, and other pale colors are a popular choice, particularly when the siding is a darker color like blue. The trim on your house is one of the finishing touches that will bring everything together from the roof to the windows to the siding.

Embarking on an Exterior Remodeling Project? Work with Erdmann Exteriors

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