If you are a fan of this blog you might have seen our Top Door Colors of 2016, but what about after the front door? The foyer of your home is sometimes the only space that visitors see of your house. It should pop but it should also align with your lifestyle. Do you have a special pooch in your life? Maybe you need some extra storage for dog toys, leashes, plastic bags and whatnot. If you have a house full of energetic little ones organization might be the key to your bliss.


Top Notch Storage Options

Billy Bookcases

With a little bit of elbow grease and a few Billy bookcases from IKEA you can turn your entryway into locker room. With a place for everything you can attempt to keep your children organized. The bookcases need to be fastened together to increase stability, they also need to be secured to the wall to insure that they don't fall over and squish anyone. With adjustable shelves you can make compartments based on your needs. In order to make these bookcases more like lockers you will need to pick up some hooks and screw them into the large compartment in the middle. It will be a perfect place to store backpacks, coats and tall boots. Smaller compartments below and above work great for shoes and umbrellas. These Billy bookcases are super versatile. you can take one and turn it on its side and create a bench with storage.

locker-room-2 VIA (polkadotchair.com)

Lost Key Prevention

By using a $4 spice rack from IKEA you will no longer have to ask the question where are my keys? The hooks across the front are only $6. For a whopping $10 you can have a custom key shelf to keep yourself organized. The hooks hold up to five sets of keys and the spice rack can hold odds and ends like sunglasses or wallets.

spice-rack-key-holder VIA (ikeahackers.net)

Storage Bins

diy-fabric-storage-boxes-from-bankers-boxes VIA (makinghomebase.com)

fabric-covered-storage-boxes-12 Figure 4

There are storage bins a plenty all across the internet. Whether you are a fan of clean lines (target) or something more natural (world market). If you are looking to save a few bucks there are some DIY options too. The best thing about this tutorial is that uses things that you have on hand. All you need are some cardboard boxes, fabric of your choosing, rope or ribbon, scissors and spray adhesive.  There are many ways to go about this project. This tutorial wanted all of her fabric to face the same way so a bit more cutting is involved. First you want to cut a strip the slightly wider than the width of the height of your box and long enough to make it all the way around. Folding the excess fabric over the top and bottom edges will give you the polished look. Now onto the lid. Lay your fabric front side down and place lid on top of it. Extend the lines of corners and cut squares out (See Figure 4).

How Do You Style It?

Now that you have your storage options. Here are some of our favorite cozy foyers.

cozy-and-simple-farmhouse-entryway-decor-ideas-12-554x775 VIA (digsdigs.com)

cozy-and-simple-farmhouse-entryway-decor-ideas-15-554x748 VIA (digsdigs.com)

cozy-and-simple-farmhouse-entryway-decor-ideas-23-554x831 VIA (digsdigs.com)

cozy-and-simple-farmhouse-entryway-decor-ideas-25-554x775 VIA (digsdigs.com)

mudroom-vertical-view-wm VIA (www.digsdigs.com)