When looking at this year’s home remodeling trends, intimate outdoor gathering spaces take the cake. Patios are poised to overtake larger backyards as the most sought-after way to enjoy the outdoors and add value to your home. Whether you love to entertain a few neighbors, barbecue for the extended family, or simply catch up with a great book, today’s homeowner is looking for an outdoor space that is as comfortable, accommodating, and private as their living or dining room. As those in the Midwest know, when the weather is nice, we want to spend as much time outside as possible! Creating an amazing outdoor space will allow you to entertain from spring through fall and get the most from your investment. We’ve broken down this year’s most sought-after outdoor trends.


Bring the Inside Out

Now more than ever, homeowners want their indoor spaces to blend seamlessly with their outdoor spaces. The idea is to bring the comfort and style of indoor living areas outside. One way to accomplish this look is to select furniture that appears to be for the indoors but can handle the elements, such as outdoor sofas. There are many options and configurations. For example, a sectional made from a synthetic wicker-weave resin is both stylish and low maintenance. If you’re not buying new furniture, look into new cushions and pillows made for outdoor use. Sunbrella has an extensive line. Contrasting and complementing colors, patterns and textures can turn a tired space into an inviting oasis.

Other ways to bring the inside out, is to anchor furniture with outdoor rugs, fill tall planters with low-maintenance grasses to create the illusion of a walled space, or if you have a covered deck or patio, covering the ceiling in raw, untreated wood planks to warm things up.


Fire Features

To create a truly beautiful outdoor area, consider adding elements of warmth and fire. Patio heaters and fire pits, once considered luxuries, are now very reasonable amenities. Outdoor heaters and fire pits can provide the ambiance and heat needed to extend the usability of your patio year-around.

Homeowners have many options for incorporating natural and gas heating into their spaces. Fire pits, bowls and even full fire places are a chic edition to any outdoor space and provide an inviting focal point. In addition to providing a source of warmth on cool nights, fire pits create an eye-catching centerpiece around which to gather and spend time with friends and family. In keeping with the trend towards organic materials, today’s homeowners are favoring fire pits that reflect the property’s natural landscape and contain materials like wood or stacked stone.


Retractable Screens

Also trending this year are motorized retractable screens that quickly roll up and are housed in the door frame. When it’s time to open or close the retractable screen, simply push the button to have it roll into place to provide fresh air indoors without letting any pests in.

If you are uncomfortable with the idea of a completely open space, consider installing a set of French doors with retractable door screens to form a nearly invisible separation between your indoor and outdoor rooms. The more accessible and inviting, the more time you will spend relaxing on your outdoor couch with a good book - no matter the season!


Outdoor Kitchens

Just as the kitchen inside the home provides the central gathering place for families and friends, the outdoor kitchen has become the heart of the outdoor space.

Outdoor kitchens are one of the top landscaping and renovation trends right now because people want to take that indulgence a step further. The trend is all about personalization. With so many options the outdoor kitchen can compliment any lifestyle and become your favorite home addition. Appliances and finishes that used to be available only for interior applications have been perfected to stand up to the elements. Cooking outside actually becomes part of the entertainment, with rotisserie grills and pizza ovens taking center stage. Some homeowners even go all out with their outdoor kitchens by installing a permanent full range sink, countertop and large dining space.


Patio Bars

Complimenting the increasingly popular outdoor kitchens are patio bars. And depending on your outdoor space and budget, the patio bar can be the perfect way to upgrade your existing patio and are easily one of the hottest trends in outdoor living. There are countless finishes and materials to choose from to allow homeowners to easily create the patio bar that best suits their style and home. Depending on your home’s layout, consider having an indoor bar that extends outdoors for the ultimate “resort experience”. This look can be achieved by utilizing a large window that doubles as a bar top on the patio. You can sit inside or out, enjoy the view, and a cocktail!


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