There is a specialized and unfamiliar vocabulary that professionals use when dealing with architecture and exterior design. To articulate the same language as your contractor, architect, or builder, get to know your fascia from your friezes. Knowing this lingo may help your siding project go way smoother. 

Here are some common siding terminologies to help you get started talking like a professional. 

BATTENS Battens are vertical trim strips. Battens are commonly placed on panel siding at regular intervals and cover joints. Battens are a significant part of the farmhouse look. 

FASCIA A fascia is a band that goes horizontally under the roof edge. On most houses, it is the fascia that caps the ends of rafters, and may also hold the gutter. 

FRIEZE A frieze is ornamental. It is a horizontal band that appears on the exterior walls of a building or house; this is usually near the roofline. 

GABLES A gable is the ordinarily triangular portion of a wall between the edges of a dual-pitched roof. 

HOUSE WRAP A house wrap is a weather barrier that covers a structure’s exterior before siding installation. It usually comes in a large roll, and prevents rain from getting in while allowing water vapor to escape. 

LAP SIDING Lap siding is also called clapboard. This siding is installed horizontally. These are installed from the bottom up, and they overlap each other. This kind of siding is by far the most popular. This type of siding comes in different textures and colors. 

PANEL SIDING Panel siding is long, tall boards. This type of siding can come in a variety of textures and styles. It is commonly used with batten strips, but can also be used on its own. 

SHINGLE SIDING Sometimes also called shake siding. Traditionally, it is individual cuts of wood of varying widths. Modern shingle siding comes in low maintenance materials such as fiber cement and is ordinarily manufactured in panels. Most modern shingle siding is easier to install than wood, while maintaining the traditional aesthetic. 

SOFFIT The soffit is the underside of any construction component. The soffit is also used to describe the material used to cover an exposed surface under the roof overhang. 

And that's it! You are a pro.