The outside of your home is usually the first impression of who you are. It is also an opportunity to put your style on display for the world to see. Since you have a dynamic personality, consider using more than one exterior element or material in your design.

Mixing exterior materials and siding styles provides you the opportunity to explore different textures and a broad assortment of color palettes to be the envy of your neighborhood.

Before jumping into a design, it is important to thoughtfully select your materials and ensure that they are of similar quality. For instance, brick holds up and lasts for a long time, so you’ll want to match it with another lasting material. Fiber cement siding, rather than a cheaper option like vinyl, would be a good match for brick. This will aid in getting the long-lasting protection you want for your home, and much more cohesive design.

With your perfect materials in mind, here are a couple of siding combination approaches to help you get excited about your stand-out home.


Brick can bring vintage glamour to even the most contemporary homes. It adds a three-dimensional composition that can be implemented on an entire wall or used as an accent. 

The combination of brick with fiber cement siding provides you with a much broader range of color palettes than only using brick alone. You can also use siding to produce a striking contrast or emphasize the different colors in the brick.

Popular color combinations include red brick with a warm neutral color, such as brown brick with a light blue, or a darker color like iron gray.


Stone adds a rich texture to a modern or traditional house. It can be used the same way as brick to produce appealing accents or distinguishing main features.

One of the most traditional ways to use stone is at the base of the house, either up to the bottom of a window or just a bit past it. You can complete the wall with lap siding or vertical siding panels for a contemporary look. Stone can also be used around columns if your home has these as well.

With a full range of color choices to create a unique look with siding and stone, you can really add your personality to the exterior of your home. A monochromatic scheme is a sophisticated yet straightforward option, using either matching colors or somewhat different shades of the corresponding color. 

You can also produce a subtle contrast between your materials by using similar colors, which are next to one another on the color wheel. For instance, if you’re using blue-toned stone, the natural shade of green is adjacent on the color wheel. This technique allows for a complementary combination without being over the top. 


Combining different siding styles and colors presents a whole new world of design possibilities for your brick or stone house. A good rule of thumb to keep in mind when exploring your design is to use moderation to keep your home from seeming too busy.

Strive for stunning accents and subtle contrasts in texture throughout your exterior. The result will be a stunning home with tons of curb appeal.